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JudasPhone - Tributes to the Apple iPhone4

Photoshop tributes to Apple's glorious iPhone 4 carcrash. Send yours to Anne Tenna. Or jot down your idea and I'll endeavour to make it. I keep adding them, so if you want to see new ones as they arrive, follow me on Judasphone Twitter or click Like on the Facebook Page.

AnntennaGate certainly looks like fact, after this series of tests conducted by PA Consulting, c/o ElReg.

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It appears that seven times as many prostitutes prefer a good RIM than hand Jobs their business Does your breath smell like... I just read that iPhone users have more sex than Blackberry users. Should I worry that my girlfriend has an iPhone and I have a Blackberry? Mark Papermaster hands in his notice with Apple iPhone 4 users are now turning to the Samaritans for help Embarrassing iPhone 4? Phones4u selling off last of iPhone 4 stock Viz Top Tips for iPhone 4 Monty Python And The Holy Grail Demonic child eyes useless phone How was your wedding day? In-flight entertainment rules iPhone. Oh no I don't Phone A Lisa The definition of an iPhone 4 user? Making phone sex for right handed men incredibly difficult E.T can't phone home iPhone 4 $15 per kilo. No more iphone 4 please. Thank you. Just slide one over your pride and joy and experience extended talking pleasure Find a callbox with your coin Dave? Dave? Say hello. Again Apple offers free iPhone case to tackle antenna problem Apple iPad and the new Apple iPad Mini Antenn-aid. Apple made a booboo. Make it all better LOL PMSL Apple iPhone 4 antenna decal iSpotthedifference Introducing the iPhone iRubberglove Mohammed Steve al Jobsaf Carlsberg don't make phones What's inside the Apple iPhone 4 iPhone 5. Coming soon Hello? Hello? Oh boo. Apple iPhone 4. No good for creepy calls Really poor signal? Dropped calls? There's a gap for that iTape signal booster. Apple iPhone 4. He's got a signal. Nobody move. Or breathe. Or speak. Oh, wait... Apple iPhone 4. Mind the gap. Or you’ll miss your connection Apple iPhone 4. Let's make a fart app. Because you sure as hell can't make a phone call Apple iPhone 4. The iPhone doesn't drop chuck norris's calls. Chuck Norris drops the iPhone's calls Apple iPhone 4. Say hello ... eventually Apple iPhone 4. Guaranteed to work at distances of up to 30mm from each other Apple iPhone 4. Antenna issues? We've got an accessory for that Apple iPhone 4. Hold differently Apple iPhone 4. Which hand? Apple iPhone 4. This changes everything again. Like whether you can actually telephone people Apple iPhone 4 is not working properly

That's all. If you find any more or have an idea for one, drop me a line. I keep adding them, so if you want to see new ones as they arrive, follow me on Judasphone Twitter or click Like on the Facebook Page.