How to: jailbreak your iOS 6 device

The iOS 6 jailbreak is finally here! It works with all of the devices that run iOS 6 (even iOS 6.1) including the newer iPhone 5 and iPad mini. It’s huge for the jailbreak community and it will breath new life into the dying practice. There has been an amazing response to the Evasi0n jailbreak which has had over 7 million downloads in the first few days. I wanted to try out all the new jailbreak tweaks on my iPhone 5, so I jailbroke it. Here’s a how-to guide on how to unlock the endless possibilities of your shiny iOS device.

Before we get started there’s some prep work that needs to be so nothing goes wrong or if something goes wrong there’s a fallback. There are 2 things you need to do:

Firstly, back up your iOS device. Most iOS devices are set to back up to iCloud by default, but I suggest you go for a full iTunes back up on your computer. I don’t recommend an iCloud backup to save you from any jailbreak issues, because it’s spotty at times. You can choose whatever you prefer iCloud or iTunes, just make sure all your important data is safe.

Another small, but important thing to do. Turn off your passcode! If you have a passcode on then you should remove it otherwise the evasion jailbreak cannot inject all the fancy code that unlocks your device to a barrage of hacks.
Now that you are finished with that we can, safely, proceed to jailbreaking your iDevice. The process is very straight forward with minimal interaction with the program on your part. The process takes roughly 10-15 min depending on whether you have a newer or older device. My iPhone 5 took only 10 min while my iPad 2 took around 13 min. It’s small, but still a difference. Now without further adieu, let’s get jailbreaking.

First start up the Evasi0n program, which is available for Mac, Windows and Linux here. While the program is open and running don’t fiddle with your device or iTunes. connect you device to the computer with the Lightning or 30-pin connector and then the program should recognize your device.
iPhone 5 Evasi0n recognized

Now all you need to do is hit that jailbreak button and you are set. The program will go on about its business and all you need to do is keep your hands off your iDevice, no matter how hard it may be. It’s going to take some data from your device prepare a few files that will be injected in 3 stages.
Evasi0n Icon Homescreen

The first two stages will go on ahead without a hitch, but before you can move onto stage 3, the jailbreak will prompt you to unlock your iDevice and then find that “Jailbreak” icon that you see above, and tap it. The app will open and crash, which is supposed to happen, then stage 3 will be injected. After that it’s just a matter of siting back and relaxing until the jailbreak is complete.

Now your device will be complete and the program has finished its work. The device will reboot a couple of time to get everything in place again. Once it’s all rebooted you should have Cydia on your device. Open that up and go nuts.

Now your device is fully jailbroken and open to an entirely different world of possibilities. I’m sure things will work flawlessly, just as they did for me. In the rare scenario that this doesn’t work, you can just try again, no harm. There’s a support page, for all of your general questions and queries, here. Remember, if the whole jailbreak thing isn’t working out for you then restore your device on iTunes and then restore the back up you took before the jailbreak.

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