Infinity Blade: Dungeons

Infinity Blade Dungeons is the third game of the iOS exclusive franchise, Infinity Blade, from Epic Games. Infinity Blade I & II have been praised for their excellent graphics which, in some cases, is on par with consoles. Infinity Blade is powered by the Unreal Engine 3 which is the same graphics engine which powers the hit Xbox 360 game, Gears of War 3. The previous two games were made by Chair Entertainment in coherence with Epic Games. Infinity Blade Dungeons takes a whole new approach to the franchise by making it a Dungeon-style game. It looks to be very exciting and it leaves behind the old walled-garden days of Infinity Blade where movement is extremely restricted.

The game will be set thousands of years before the original Infinity Blade story, and players will take on the role of an apprentice weaponsmith on a quest to forge the legendary Infinity Blade. The gameplay has been reconstructed from the group up, and will include weapon crafting and dungeon exploration, and a dynamic camera system will move players in and out of battle. Epic has picked up a lot of new devs from hit games after they were sacked.

The game will take full advantage of the the latest and greatest Apple A-series processors, but ‘m unsure of wether the newest A6X will be fully utilized, because building a game around it will result in serious compatibility issues with the older chips like the A5 in the iPad Mini, and 5th generation iPod Touch. Infinity Blade: Dungeons appears to be a nigh and day difference from the gameplay of Infinity Blade I and II and is instead a dungeon crawler like our all time classic favorite, Diablo. The game is powered by Unreal engine and your character will be controlled by tapping around the environment, and engage in combat by swiping and connecting lines between enemies to perform combo attacks and unleash hell on your enemies. Dungeons will also allow players to collect materials in order to craft their own weapons. The crafting of new weapons is, on its own, a mini game that’s honestly fun in the middle of all the monster slaying, and boss killing. You will continue to tear through multiple dungeons, pick up a lot of cool new items. You will also craft amazing weapons along the way, and eventually create the Infinity Blade. The game will definitely be boatloads of fun, compared it its already awesome predecessors.

The new Infinity Blade: Dungeons will further strengthen Apple’s iOS gaming platform, and bury the mobile gaming devices from Sony and Nintendo. While Android takes leaps and strides, in certain area, and outpaces iOS, they are never able to build up a significant game library on their platform. As the age of console, and handheld gaming passes, the smartphone will reign supreme and iOS have a significant advantage. The new Infiinty Blade has been in the working since January, 2012 and has been consistently delayed, frustrating users, but Epic Games has set a final release time frame of Early 2013. The game will retail for $6.99, and will be the same for both iPhone and iPad, so no HD versions that cost 3 bucks more just to fill in some extra screen. Stick around here at GizmoCube, because we will be sure to giveaway some promo codes as soon as the app hits.

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