The HTC One V is the low end phone of the One series, it’s actually a much lower specked phone than the One S, and feels outdated, even thought the price is so low. After seeing the rest of the One series, this phone just doesn’t cut it.

It has a small 3.7” screen with a low 800*480 resolution compared to the newer 720p phones, but it actually looks pretty good because of it’s small size and vibrant colors. The phone’s single core processor, clocked at 1 ghz feels slow after what we have seen today and gets trumped by it’s bigger brothers in benchmarks, 512MB of RAM doesn’t help either.

So, clearly this phones target audience is not the power hungry android users, it’s more the kind of people who don’t care for numbers, it has a compact design and superb build quality. It also feels very good in your hand and has a chin at the bottom that helps with grip. Good battery life is also expected with it’s 1500mah battery. As usual with the newer HTC products it has a great 5mp camera, Beats audio and a simple unibody design. This phone is the first in the One series to have an SD card slot, probably to make up for it’s small internal storage (4GB). The great rear camera comes at a price though, the lack of a front facing camera, which is expected from android phones nowadays.

It’s nice though that HTC have put in android 4.0 ice cream sandwich on a low end phone. The software is a skinned version though, Sense 4, which does a great job of removing lag of the phone despite it’s low specs.

This phone looks simple, perhaps too simple and it lacks the luster of some of the other phones available in the market today. Overall this phone is a disappointment, even for it’s small no-contract price of $199. Other better speced and more ambitious phones are available for a similar price.

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